The Mainstream In The Press: Reviews, Interviews & More!

>, The Mainstream>The Mainstream In The Press: Reviews, Interviews & More!

The Mainstream is captivating the comics community. After a successful launch at C2E2 in Chicago earlier in April, the issue has hit stands and has garnered tons of positive reaction from Newsarama, Dynamic Forces & more. Here are a few snippets and links to more:


“This is a pretty solid first outing from a creator owned comic at Zenescope. If you like sci-fi comics building towards some interesting twists and turns, it’s definitely worth a read.” – ComicsMix

“The art and story definitely scratch an itch with it’s X-Files and Sliders vibe” – Weird Science Comics

The Mainstream #1: A stunning debut. If your shoppe doesn’t carry you need to tell them to!” – Reading With A Flight Ring

The Mainstream #1: “A sci fi thriller grounded in reality and that delivers one of the best first issues from any genre.” – Comic Pros and Cons


Meet Mainstream’s Michael Dolce: Comic Book Writer, Graphic Novelist and Podcaster


DF Interview: Michael Dolce, Talent Caldwell deal with cosmic cops and alt-realities in The Mainstream – Dynamic Forces

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