THE SIRE debut a smash success!

Posted by mdolce on June 07, 2006  /   Posted in News
The book that’s lighting up message boards across the country made its debut this weekend at Wizard World Philadelphia and boy what a start! Writer/creator Michael Dolce and series artist Dan Leister were on hand for the premier debut of the full color 32-page first issue of The Sire and with only a limited supply of copies on hand sold out of the entire stock! “We were as shocked as anyone when the weekend was over and we had no more books to take home,” Dolce said afterwards. “Hopefully this is a trend that will continue when the book hits stores at the end of the month.” Already mentioned on such prominent sites like, The Pulse, and more, The SIRE’s fan base is growing with each day. Even the limited “red” variant (a 15-page preview book debuted last month) sold exceedingly well, making it a hot convention exclusive to look for in Chicago. “It’s great that fans are appreciating the hard work we put into this book,” Dolce said. “It’s also neat that they want to get in on the ground floor of what I hope to be a long-lasting series.” The SIRE #1 hits stores at the end of this month with an exact date forthcoming.

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