SIRE: Revelations #2 Full Color Preview Pages Available Online Now

>>SIRE: Revelations #2 Full Color Preview Pages Available Online Now
With just weeks before the release of SIRE: Revelations #2, After Shock Comics has made available the first 6 pages online now! Featuring the blockbuster debut of new penciler Jose Holder, SIRE: Revelations #2 picks up where issue #1 left off, with everything on the line as SIRE goes up against the U.S. government! But with one of their top ranking agents possessed by the maniacal Presence – an alien creature responsible for everything that’s happened so far – the SIRE must accept help from the most unlikeliest of allies: his arch nemesis SIPHON! This issue features a cover by TYLER KIRKHAM (X-Men: Phoenix Warsong) and reverses as the comics debut of the Wizard World Film Festival winner RAZOR SHARP. And look for writer/creator Michael Dolce appearing this Sunday in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. For further details please visit: Click here for a preview! SIRE: Revelations #2 (#JUN073186) Story: Michael Dolce Art: Jose Holder Cover Art: TYLER KIRKHAM – See more at:
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