Do Artists Really Matter Anymore? ‘South Park’ Thinks You Might Not Like The Answer (12/10/2014) - Anyone still watching South Park? Twenty years in and it’s they’re still spot on. From the latest episode #REHASH the villain tells Lorde (aka Randy Marsh) the following: “An artist nowadays is a conversation piece. Just something for people 2 comment on. We’re not making money selling records, we’re making money selling tweets” To which […]
Two Successful Kickstarters In One Year: Here’s What I Learned (11/12/2014) - So you want to launch a successful Kickstarter do you? Well, having just completed my second successful campaign in one year, I’m happy to share what I learned. Here are a few of the ‘Goods’ I picked up during this experience: 1) Kickstarter Is The New Diamond Sorry Diamond, you FINALLY have some real competition […]
The Sire Kickstarter: Day 1 SUCCESS! (10/9/2014) - Hello all! I want to extend a HUGE thank you to all our backers so far. We are already more than halfway through our goal and we’ve got so many surprises still in store for this Kickstarter. As some of you already know, The Sire is near and dear to me and Kickstarter and Comixology […]
It’s The Little Things That Help Inspire Us To Make Comics (9/11/2014) - So as I’m writing this I’m back from Honeymoon. Married my best friend and all is as it should be 🙂 Now that of course counts as one of those BIG things in life that we look back on with joy and inspiration. A couple LITTLE things happened recently that have helped motivate me ARTISTICALLY: […]
Comic-Con 2014: How To Use Social Media To Make Folks Think You’re There (7/21/2014) - I’ll see YOU at Comic-Con…next year. Yep, that’s right. Another San Diego Comic-Con is upon us and for the second year in a row, I’ll be missing out. Bummer. But San Diego Comic-Con is so friggin huge – Really. Friggin. Huge – that to be honest, the only way if anyone would know if you […]
Blogging Is Like Going To The Gym Sometimes… (7/14/2014) - Seriously folks, you know it’s true. It’s good for you. It keeps you (or for this metaphor your career) healthy and sustained. It also gets overlooked when you get super busy. That’s me right now. And though it’s all good stuff: Undone Comic Book, Freelance Writing for amNew York & Inquistr.com, Sire #9…it still gets […]
NetFlix For Comics: The Sire On ComicsFix (6/27/2014) - Hey folks, real quick I wanted to give a heads up that The Sire is on ComicsFix.com. What is ComicsFix? It’s basically Netflix but for comics. You pay a monthly fee and you get to binge on unlimited comics. I gotta say, it seems pretty cool! Creators get royalties based on how many “page turns” […]
Comic Book Blog: Nice To Be Back (6/16/2014) - Hey everyone, nice to be back on the mikebooks.com blog. This one is a relative short one though. Just going to list the upcoming awesomeness I’ve got in store over the coming weeks: New York Comic Con: I just got back from @ny_comic_con Special Edition. A bit quiet compared to the big one come October […]
Back From The Dead: My Kickstarter Post-Mortem (5/27/2014) - Whew! How about that guys, it’s been a month or so since my Kickstarter for the Undone was fully funded. And it’s taken me about that long to recuperate and grind some of the work out. Here are 4 things I’ve been up to since then: 1) Writing the darn script! I had a basic […]
The Undone Kickstarter: 100% FUNDED (4/16/2014) - UPDATE: We finished with 167 backers for a total of $3380. Thanks to all! Thanks once again to all who helped us get our first funding goal achieved. I’ll be doing a post mortem sometime next week detailing the saga that was my first Kickstarter. But in the meantime, we’re still not done! More backers […]
Kickstarter: So You’ve Been Funded With Time To Spare: What’s Next? (4/10/2014) - So I’m happy to report that we have reached our funding goal! But does that mean the campaign is over? Heck, no! Let’s talk Stretch Goals and (shudder) Dropped Backers. First things first: Mo’ money mo’ pages. I think a cool way to keep folks into the campaign is to truly give them something to […]
Kickstarter Tips: Keeping Up With Thank You’s & Start Fulfillments Early (4/7/2014) - Well gang, we’re in the home stretch – less than a week to go and only $153 or so needed to cross the finish line. With that in mind I want to thank everyone who’ve gotten us to this point. And also with that in mind, here are some tips for those that want to […]
The Undone Kickstarter Week 3: Spotlight on Soussherpa (3/31/2014) - Hey folks!  We are in full gear with this Kickstarter now! As I write this we are a mere $742 from achieving our funding goal! Woohoo! All this week I want to highlight our awesome artist Soussherpa – the major force behind the Kickstarter itself. His ridiculously awesome art is instrumental in giving the Undone […]
The Undone Kickstarter Week 1: A Few Takeaways (3/26/2014) - With week 1 of the Undone Kickstarter behind me, I provide a few takeways for others looking to take the Kickstarter plunge for comics: 1) It’s every bit as draining as I was told…and didn’t believe them when they told me “You’re in for a ride.” “Get ready to be consumed.” These were some of […]
Kickstarter Update: Weekend Warriors & March Madness (3/24/2014) - So I’ve been pretty wiped as of late. The fact that I’ve been passing out early every night despite the fact that March Madness (my favorite time of year) is upon us means this Kickstarter is definitely taking its toll. But in a good way. My most recent update from Saturday says it all: KICKSTARTER […]
My First Kickstarter Day 1: A Few Quick Takeaways (3/20/2014) - Well folks, the first day is in the books – and what a start! We are already close to 30% funded and I am truly overwhelmed by the responses so far. As this is my first Kickstarter ever, I’ll be blogging quite a lot on my experience, both to share for folks who are thinking […]
Kickstarter for Comics: Omar Morales Of The CruZader Takes Us Through His Successful Campaign (3/17/2014) - I’m counting down the days when I can launch my first Kickstarter comic campaign for The Undone #1 a brand new tale of powers and corruption in the Wall Street sector of America. So in the meantime I reached out to Omar Morales, a creator who just successfully launched his own Kickstarter campaign for his […]
Taking The Kickstarter Plunge: A Few Quick Tips (3/14/2014) - Well folks, it’s time. I’m happy to announce that next week, I’ll be releasing my first ever Kickstarter campaign for a new project called, “The Undone.” But before I do, a few quick tips I’ve picked up during this whole process: 1) Have your Amazon Info Ready One thing nobody mentioned was that you have […]
Binge Reading: A Healthy Comic Book Addiction? (3/11/2014) - NOTE: Due to the Comixology News, this blog has been pushed back one day from its regular Monday post day. As I sit here on a gorgeous East Coast morning, about to partake in some healthy comic book binge reading, I found myself thinking, is this a healthy addiction? Before anyone sounds the alarm at […]
Keeping Them Glued to Their Digital Seats (3/8/2014) - How brand licensing helped cultivate the popularity of online casino games The power of brand licensing can’t be stated enough. There’s just something about having our beloved characters, franchises, and pop culture icons plastered onto things that compels many of us to try them out, if only to see how well our favorites have been […]
Comic Stores, Local Artists & Starbucks (3/7/2014) - Hey folks, welcome back to Secrets of the Sire! Got a lot of great feedback from the topic of print vs digital, what comic book stores must do to survive and finally comic books stores: should they serve alcohol. For the final note on this debate, I’d like to give a shot out to @LyriaExchange for […]
Comic Book Stores & Alcohol: A Good Combination? These Responses May Surprise You (3/3/2014) - Got some great responses to our latest blogs! Here are just a few snippets from social media on the topic of print vs. digital and what retailers must do to survive: Stacy Korn from Comic Fusion – another fantastic store in New Jersey had this to say on some of the suggestion posted: To serve […]
The Sire: Flash Companion Part 1 (3/1/2014) - Originally working as one cohesive online issue of The Sire, this was meant to be a nice bridge between Sire Vol 1 and Sire: Revelations detailing how Freak landed in Paris and detailing the connection between Zeus Wyndell and Samuel Antonetti. In the spirit of getting all these files back up on the site, I’ve […]
What Comic Book Retailers Must Do To Survive (2/28/2014) - So in keeping with the theme of the print vs digital debate that was started three weeks earlier, the number one faction that gets affected by this new technology is not the reader nor the publishing companies. In fact, as specified, in a lot of ways digital is to the benefit of both, ie: storage […]
New Mikebooks Blog Coming Twice A Week (2/24/2014) - Due to popular demand i’ll be blogging on Mikebooks.com twice a week! We’ve already had tremendous responses to previous posts and generated a ton of great feedback and interaction. So why stop there? Starting this week here is the new post schedule for Mikebooks.com: Monday & Friday: New blog post. I’ll alternate between tackling topics […]
Print vs Digital Part 2: Golden and Silver Age Comic Books Aside, Do People Even Collect Comics Anymore? (2/20/2014) - Got a lot of great responses to last week’s blog. So here’s a follow-up question tackling even more concerns with print vs digital comics. Do people even collect modern comics anymore? And more importantly, storage: what the heck to do with all those hard copies? Andrew Lovuolo from Graphic Illusions Studios (and also the fine […]
Comixology Submit and the Digital vs Print Debate: Is it Worth Making Print Comics These Days? (2/12/2014) - So sneaky me bypassed my weekly blog commitment last week by announcing my latest entry onto Comixology instead. That same day, Sire fan and newfound Facebook friend Luis Santana hit me up and asked if it’s even worth doing printed comics anymore. The short answer? Maybe. Let’s take a look shall we? Luis Santana (via […]
I challenge YOU to make more comics than me! (1/29/2014) - Well, ok not really. I’d lose. Maybe. But I did just take a side gig writing for The Inquisitr.com recently so I’m all about trying to create eye grabbing headlines like these days. I know, I know, shameless. Just shameless. But let’s talk comics anyway. If you’ve been following this blog recently you know I […]
Enigma Bookstore Panel And Signing Recap (1/22/2014) - The fine folks at Engima Bookstore in Astoria Queens hosted myself and a collection of comic book creators like me for a panel discussion and signing this past Saturday. In one word: AWESOME! Always a blast talking comics with fans, peers and new friends. Joined by joined by Jared Barel, Oliver Mertz and Mike Isenberg […]
Blogging about Comics, Setting Goals for 2014 (1/15/2014) - So picking up where I left off last week, the bottom line for making it in comics is by DOING COMICS. Drawing, writing, coloring, lettering, sketching…you name it. If you aren’t actively doing stuff you aren’t gonna go past your mom’s basement. With that being said, the best way to acheive this is by setting […]
Working a Day Job While Trying To Do Comics (1/8/2014) - So many of you are in the same boat as me. You want to do comics BUT you also need to pay the bills. And you’re trying…believe me I know. Whether you are a writer, artist, colorist or swami, the delicate act of balancing comics with making a living is tough. Unless, you reach the […]
Working a Day Job While Trying To Do Comics (1/8/2014) - So many of you are in the same boat as me. You want to do comics BUT you also need to pay the bills. And you’re trying…believe me I know. Whether you are a writer, artist, colorist or swami, the delicate act of balancing comics with making a living is tough. Unless, you reach the […]
Blogging on a Friday Night (1/3/2014) - So it’s not even officially launched but I’m blogging on a Friday night. Thanks to @brianbish for inspiring this. (Or is it the Miller lite?) But 2014 – oh yeah! Feel really good about where things are at – where things are going – and where things can be in the future. But even more […]
Secrets of the Sire: WOTI Crossover coming… (11/8/2013) - Hey folks, long time no chat. Just got a sugarload of PSD pages from our penciler. And happy to start trickling new Sire info your way. So here’s the low down. I’m hard at work on Sire #9 as we speak (script AND art duties mind you) The target date is October to release it […]
If at first you don’t succeed… (8/24/2013) - Hey folks, So i posted pencils of a panel I was working on (i’ve since colored it but i’ll show you that later) but damn if i didn’t eff the chick (whose character’s name is Shatter) up. So i redrew it on a separate sheet of board and thru the magic of photoshop will enter […]
New Blog Site Coming (8/19/2013) - Brace yourselves folks. I’ve got a new Blog Site coming devoted strictly to pretty much everything I’m doing. In the meantime, as a follow up from last week, check out the finished colors to the panel i drew. I’m going to redraw the female character (Shatter) though. Wasn’t overall pleased with how she turned out. […]
Wizard World Philadelphia 2013 Sketch Round-up (6/1/2013) - Just got in from Wizard World Philadelphia and boy is my brain fried. My hand hurts too from all the sketches. But who’s complaining? Here is a round-up of some of the sketches done this weekend! Guy Gardner Micro Flash Spidey Lightray (No, Really) Superman (Warmup Sketch) Wolverine
News, Reviews & More (12/11/2012) - Taking a moment to dish on some of the comics out there keeping me warm this holiday season while I’m hard at work on new issues of The Sire, the Sire App, and our daily web comic stream that’s coming soon! Amazing Spider-Man Dan Slott is making me jealous. No really, for years I lay […]
Secrets of the Sire #11: Sire #7 Off To The Presses! (1/11/2012) - Happy New Year Everyone! As I write this, I’m putting the final touches on the all-new Sire #7 before I send it off to the printer. To say this is a long time coming is an understatement, and I appreciate everyone’s patience and support in getting this new issue completed. (Subsequently, all pre-orders will be […]
Blogging while drunk (12/15/2011) - It’s not quite as dangerous as driving…but it’s close… No but seriously, I’m watching this god awful Thursday night game (f’real why is Jacksonville on national TV again???) And I’m thinking and blogging and tweeting. The comic book industry is changing much like the music industry has already. I can’t help but remember the convention […]
Using References in Comics (11/17/2011) - For those of us not blessed with the artistic prowess of Jim Lee, we need to resort to little tricks of the trade to make our stuff look…well, professional. Namely: reference. I can spot a million miles away an artist that is either not using reference or using other comic books art AS reference. It […]
The Pipeline: Brand New Bubba Pin-Up (1/30/2011) - This is a Bubba: The Redneck Werewolf pin-up I colored over Dan Leister artwork. The piece itself is about 5 years old so be kind to Dan. I, on the other hand, took 5 years to color it. I’m worse than Joe Mad!
Secrets of the Sire Blog: issue Seven, Page 2 (1/24/2011) - I will be showing you start to finish page 2 of the upcoming Sire #7 drawn by yours truly! It’s the first Sire art I’ve personally worked on in 4 years (besides sketches) Hope you like what you see. The empty panels will be filled with artwork from previous issues as the story opens with […]
Secrets of the Sire Blog: New Updates (1/21/2011) - We’re getting closer and closer to the Sire’s return. As it stands I want to get this right before launching anything and July 1st is closing fast. Will we get this launched in time? Can’t say for sure. What I can say is a whole crew of talented artists are working on bringing this to […]
Secrets of the Sire Blog: Sire 7 New Page (1/17/2011) - Just a little tease on a Sunday night. Fresh off the hard drive, Sire #7, page #4. Drawn by Michael Bencic w/colors by yours truly. Who’s the mystery villain? Well come back here this Wednesday to sink your teeth into the new issue of The Sire! Featuring a kick ass cover drawn by an industry […]
Secrets of the Sire: Sire #7 Blog Entry 2.0 (1/11/2011) - So with the return of The Sire less than 2 months away I can’t help but talk about how excited at how it’s coming together… I recently picked up two trades from my local comic store (comicswarehouse.com) that were instrumental in the development of my early inspirations in comics: The Todd McFarlane Spider-Man Legends Trades. […]
The Sire Returns June 1st, 2011 (1/1/2011) - Mark down the date in your calendar, The Sire will be returning June 1st, 2011 with an all-new installment on the web. Just figured I’d let everyone know now. Stay tuned for the press releases and what not to come.
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