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Posted by mdolce on June 27, 2014  /   Posted in Secrets of The Sire

Hey folks, real quick I wanted to give a heads up that The Sire is on What is ComicsFix? It’s basically Netflix but for comics. You pay a monthly fee and you get to binge on unlimited comics. I gotta say, it seems pretty cool!

Creators get royalties based on how many “page turns” each comic receives. Read a whole book and that creator gets more cash than if someone opens and says, “meh”. It also dissuades folks from abusing the system and opening up each book to collect. Seems pretty smart.


So for now, you can check out The Sire on ComicsFix here. You can also check out another project by @theCruZader that I did colors called The CruZader here.

The site goes live next week!

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