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After Shock isn’t the only one making a splash these days. Our friends at After Hours Press are also quickly becoming known for their quality Indie offerings. The latest title to receive critical attention is IMPOSSIBLE TALES, a sci-fi adventure best described as, LOST meets JURASSIC PARK!

In an in-depth interview, creators Darren Sanchez and Hassan Godwin discuss with Pulse reporter, Jennifer M. Contino the ins and outs of this Flash Gordon inspired adventure.

“You could say it’s Sci-Fi… but with more of a Twilight Zone feel,” Sanchez told the Pulse. “(Darren) came to me once with this notion of a cruise-liner in the middle of a prehistoric age [and] he hashed out the rest of it as we went along,” added Godwin.

For the complete interview check out the URl below:

Impossible Tales debuted at Wizard World Chicago this past August with issue #1 of 2, and will wrap up the first 2-part story arc in November with part two released at Wizard World Texas. Featuring two brilliant covers by Juan Doe (X-Men: Civil War) & (X-Men: The 198), Impossible Tales follows the story of Ray Wells, a young science prodigy from the year 2285 who becomes a fugitive in time when he discovers the illegal secret that corporate giant, Chrono-Corp is built on… his own stolen Time-Travel technology! Both issues of this After Hours Press story can be ordered (or reordered) through Diamond Previews by using the following codes: • Impossible Tales # 1 of 2 (released in Sep ’06) item #JUN06-2785 • Impossible Tales # 2 of 2 (on sale in Nov ’06) item #SEP06-2990 For more info click the link below:



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