TheUndoneThe Undone

Rewind your life…24 Hours At A Time.

What if you could rewind time? Get a do-over whenever you wanted? How would you cash in?

Would you use your power to strike it rich on the lottery? Bet it all on the underdog to win the Super Bowl and cash in? Of course you would…but you’d be wrong.

You’d find out the future is in constant flux and nothing happens the same twice. Your numbers are always off and instead of cashing in on that miracle catch that never happened, you’re indebted to a lot of unsavory folks looking to collect.

So what’s left to do?


Easy…you move to New York City and take your powers to the stock market. Because the global actions of movers and shakers don’t seem to vary much from day to day. And from there, you build a life, a good life, rewinding when you have to and slowly, over the course of a couple of months, building yourself up into a mover and shaker yourself.

That is…until they come calling.

The Undone…a secret network of traders who have been working this angle for years, with the same abilities you thought only you possessed (narcissist). And now, they’re pissed. Because nobody likes it when someone muscles in on their territory. Especially not a narcissistic, snot-nosed kid like you.

Your name is Dylan Sharpe.

This is your story…

TheUndone-COVER1_150x225The Undone #1 PLUS Head Shot Sketch – PRE-ORDER
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    The Undone #1

    Dylan Sharpe has the power to rewind time once every 24 hours. But when he tries to cash in at the stock market he confronts a secret network of traders that have ruled Wall Street for years!


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    The Sire Web Comic

    Chapter 1.22: Donald Wright makes the biggest mistake of his (short) career as a superhero!


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