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The Undone: Kickstarter

The Undone

The Undone KICKSTARTER FUNDED! Rewind your life…24 Hours At A Time. What if you could rewind time? Get a do-over whenever you wanted? How would you cash in? Would you use your power to strike it rich on the lottery? Bet it all on the underdog to win the Super Bowl and cash in? Of […]

The Sire

The Sire Donald Wright was a lowly assistant looking for a way to impress his boss, when his life was changed forever! Now he’s the SIRE, a superhero transformed against his will, forced to fight evil by his own costume. When the very same alien energy force connected to his costume begins wreaking havoc on […]


Descendant Believed to be the embodiment of an ancient Incan prophecy, United States counter-terrorism soldier Rayne Santiago is forced to return to her South American homeland of Martagal when she receives word that her brothers have been abducted by a rogue pharmaceutical conglomerate bent on using their DNA to manufacture super powers. Exiled from her […]

Grimms Fairy Tales

Grimms Fairy Tales Grimms Fairy Tales is a popular monthly comic from Zenescope Entertainment, taking stories you’ve cherished as a child and putting a modern and often times twisted spin on them. Michael Dolce contributed scripts for two issues of Grimms Fairy Tales in 2008 & 2009.

Silent Devil Comics

Silent Devil Comics (Silent Devil 2004-2005) Silent Devil was a successful independent comic book company that Michael Dolce did various freelance coloring assignments in the mid 2000s including Lil Hellions and Bubba The Redneck Werewolf.
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    The Undone #1

    Dylan Sharpe has the power to rewind time once every 24 hours. But when he tries to cash in at the stock market he confronts a secret network of traders that have ruled Wall Street for years!


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    The Sire Web Comic

    Chapter 1.22: Donald Wright makes the biggest mistake of his (short) career as a superhero!


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