Back From The Dead: My Kickstarter Post-Mortem

Posted by mdolce on May 27, 2014  /   Posted in Secrets of The Sire

Whew! How about that guys, it’s been a month or so since my Kickstarter for the Undone was fully funded. And it’s taken me about that long to recuperate and grind some of the work out. Here are 4 things I’ve been up to since then:

1) Writing the darn script!
I had a basic outline going into the Undone Kickstarter, along with the first scene fully written. So in the past month, now that I knew for sure we were actually going to be making the book, I’ve been plugging away at taking tht outline and fleshing it into a full fledged script. Here’s a sample page below:


2) Setting up the schedule
When you’re doing an indie book, you are not only the writer, but essentially the production manager and editor rolled into one. Coordinating with Todd and Soussherpa may not seem like work, but it’s important to ensure we get you the book as promised.

3) Sketches! Sketches! Sketches!
I’ve been fortunate to have attended 1 convention and 1 FCBD signing since the Kickstarter ended. Gave me a great excuse to sit down and start some of the head and body sketches I owe.

4) Sleep
Ok, this isn’t exactly true, but we can all dream right?

It’s back to work i go! Keep checking out for more updates on The Undone. Plus we’ll be starting up the Sire web comic now that the fanfare for the Kickstarter is at an end.

Talk soon!

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