Blogging on a Friday Night

Posted by mdolce on January 03, 2014  /   Posted in Secrets of The Sire

So it’s not even officially launched but I’m blogging on a Friday night. Thanks to @brianbish for inspiring this. (Or is it the Miller lite?)

But 2014 – oh yeah! Feel really good about where things are at – where things are going – and where things can be in the future. But even more important is how renewed to being creative again has felt over the past year. I genuinely enjoy trolling Twitter on a Friday night and looking on at what is going on in comics in 2014.

@HackinTimSeeley posted a great article on diversity in comics on Twitter tonight:

Lotta fodder to discuss there. But I’ll leave it to folks to comment and I’ll comment back. After all, it’s back to the Twitter feed for me…

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