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20131211041222-me_at_store.jpg Mikebooks.com is the online home to Michael Dolce: Writer/Creator/Colorist/Web Guru/Awesome Dude and creator of The Sire for After Hours Press/MBD Studios, Descendant for Image Comics and a host of freelance work Zenescope Entertainment, Image Comics and Wizard Entertainment. His work can be downloaded on , Comixology, iTunes, Amazon and right here (duh).

Michael is currently hard at work, writing and drawing the new issue of The Sire, blogging on freelance writing for AM New York and the website The Inquisitr and working with several creators on new, super secret, yet-to-be announced projects. Enjoy!

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    The Sire #1

    Men and women across the globe are being inexplicably transformed into super-humans against their will. It’s up to one man, The Sire, to uncover the truth behind the unexplained transformations before a deadly adversary, hot on his trail, discovers it first…and dooms the Earth in the process.
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    The Sire #2

    Trapped in an alien costume that forces him to battle deranged super criminals against his will, the SIRE must face his toughest challenge yet: his boss!
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    Coming soon!

    2015 convention schedule to be announced.
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